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Happy Valentines Day!

I’ve always loved Valentines day for as long as I can remember because it felt like a day dedicated to showing people you love and care about them! Plus I have to admit all the chocolate, wine and dinner dates do it for my soul as well (YUM). I wanted to celebrate this Valentines Day by sharing more about my relationship (to a fellow pharmacist) and spill the advice and tips that has helped us over the years! Trust me, by no means are we relationship experts and we certainly aren’t trying to be. We have never had a “perfect” relationship with no problems but at the end of the day we always make the effort needed to fix whatever the current challenge is and we have grown so much together.

I think when you start dating at 21 and 22 in the middle of pharmacy school and enter real adult challenging life together (especially in our field) you are bound to go through some growing pains. Honestly, I am very proud of those growing pains, almost like scars in a way, but the good ones that you love and cherish because you know they made you both better people and better partners. Anyway, the point is, life isn’t always roses and fancy dates, and things can get hard day to day when you work in the medical field, but the right relationship will always survive with some TLC <3

Over the Years

The Details

Conner and I both entered pharmacy school in 2013 as freshman at MCPHS University but it wasn’t until half-way through our fourth (P2) year that we started talking and dating. We started dating on 1/1/2017 and I have always loved ringing in each new year as a new year of our relationship. We just hit four years together as we entered 2021 and I couldn’t be more excited! On the agenda this year: get a puppy, settle into our apartment, Italy trip #2!

Our Advice

  1. Don’t compare yourselves – just because you both are or want to be pharmacists doesn’t mean you have to like the same specialty or field, to each their own! Same goes with extracurriculars, stay true to yourself and what you personally enjoy.
  2. You are not in competition, you are on the same teamemphasizing this to the competitive souls out there (aka myself) it is so not worth it trust me.
  3. Make your relationship a priority – work life can get crazy, whether it’s exams in school, residency or I don’t know a global pandemic, don’t forget to set aside time to connect with each other! Date nights, cooking together, your favorite show…whatever it is, make sure it is truly quality time! For example, this past week our schedules have been so out of wack, I had a day off that Conner didn’t, we both did an overnight shift but not on the same day…it’s been a lot. This weekend we have a ski day trip planned some quality time together!
  4. Separation/space isn’t always bad – sometimes we all just need some “me time” to relax and unwind especially after a crazy day or week in healthcare and that’s not a bad thing at all. Lately for me that has been blogging or planning the interior design of our apartment! For Conner, well he’s re-discovered his X-Box LOL but hey whatever makes him happy works for me it’s not my relaxation time so no judgment here.
  5. Look out for each other – If there’s anyone else who knows how busy you are, it’s your other half (after all they chose the same field as you), and the smallest gestures can go such a long way. When Conner and I have different days off the one off always tries to do something to help out. Coming home to laundry done or fresh groceries is the best feeling and then you have more quality time together, that is a win win!
  6. Be each others biggest cheerleaders

This advice isn’t rocket science by any means but sometimes the simplest things can get shoved aside during stressful or busy times! It is all about making a conscious effort and doing our best, which goes for relationships and life in general.

We would love to hear your relationship stories and if you are dating/married to someone in healthcare! Leave them in the comments below!

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