Healthy Favorites January 2021

Happy January everyone!

I am by no means a huge believer in setting a ton of super strict New Years resolutions in terms of diet and exercise…I do however think it is a perfect time to reflect on how our health goals went last year and ways that we can improve. Plus, I think it is safe to say we all tend to go a little crazy with indulgence during the holidays (I do for sure) so the start of a new year is a nice defining boundary of let’s get back to our normal routine! (aka goodbye Christmas cookies and every other delicious thing I laid eyes on).

The following products/foods are absolute staples in my diet. I always have these on hand and stocked in my house for when I need them and I am using them this month to get back on track!

A huge theme you will see here and in my diet in general is that I try to eat “high protein” and lower carb. It’s not so extreme to call it anything in particular, I wouldn’t label how I eat “keto” or even strictly low carb! I just find that in general my body feels better and I am less hungry throughout the day when I eat enough protein.

One reason why I truly love all of the following products is that they are huge time savers! I started using a lot of these last year during residency and have found that even after residency I still need these to keep myself on the right track while being busy.

Power Provisions

Power Provisions soups are made with bone broth, collagen and MCT oil! They pack 13 to 20 grams of protein and 3 to 6 grams net carbs in each serving. They come in delicious flavors like cheddar broccoli, chicken vegetable, coconut milk thai, and creamy tomato. You can eat them right out of the cup they come in, which is what I do since I just toss one in my bag for lunch, but they also have a bunch of delicious recipes on their website that use their bone broths as the base!I utilize them by having them be my main protein source for lunch. A lot of the time when groceries are running low I can scrap together a salad or something else on the side but I seem to always be missing a good protein source so Power Provisions is a life saver to me! All I do is pour the powder packet in, add in the packet of MCT oil and literally add boiling water from our water station at work! Easy peasy, delicious and so healthy!

You can use this link to shop their website (my promo code gets applied automatically, but just in case it’s “THELUXEPHARMACIST”or you can find them at your local Whole Foods!


I’m sure you all know by now that I am obsessed with LiquidIV but if you are new around here they are incredible! It is nearly impossible to stay well hydrated with the masks/N-95s at work and at baseline in general I could do much better about drinking enough water. I usually use 1 liquid IV per day to help keep me hydrated. If I am at work this is usually first thing in the morning before I go down to any of the hospital floors. If I had a super rough day and are going to the gym then I may use another when either before or after the gym since again masks make it really hard to drink anything (lol).

Instructions will tell you to use 1 packet with 1 normal size water bottle. I have been stretching it a little thinner lately and I’m using more water! I just got a couple new water bottles that are about 25oz and honestly 1 packet still makes the water taste super good, so don’t hesitate to change your concentration if you want to!

My favorite flavors are the Lemon Lime (tastes like gatorade to me but much healthier!), Passion Fruit and their Energy flavor for an added boost in the mornings! But I have to say in general all their flavors are really delicious I tried their Immune Support one the other day and the limited edition Pina Coolada and both were amazing!

You can use code ‘THELUXEPHARMACIST25’ for 25% off when shopping at their site, linking it here for you!

Catalina Crunch

If you are anything like me you love cereal but hate that traditional cereal is sugary and doesn’t really contain a lot of nutrients. Catalina Crunch is so much different! It is a high protein, “keto” cereal, that has so many delicious flavors that bring back the joy of cereal for me! My two favorite flavors are the Cinnamon Toast and Fruity flavor, they both remind me so much of cereal I used to eat as a kid! I love eating Catalina Crunch for breakfast, snack or even as a meal replacement for lunch or dinner if I’m in the mood for it! No joke most morning I literally just eat it by the handful out of the bag that permanently sits in my car (will insert photo proof) because then I get to eat breakfast and I’m not late for work!

You can order them online at their website here, at amazon (less selection), or pick up in your local Whole Foods or other grocery stores!

Slate Milk

I would describe Slate Milk as a very luxurious style of protein drink! Traditionally chocolate protein shakes can really only taste so good and I would never describe them as a luxurious experience. Slate Milks literally taste like delicious chocolate milk but that pack so much protein (17 grams) and hardly any sugar, it’s incredible. For obvious reasons the Espresso Chocolate Milk is my favorite and I carry them with me when I know I am super tired or going in for an evening shift etc, an extra 150 mg of caffeine can really help a girl in need. Conner and I found these in Whole Foods, which is clearly where we shop most of them time lol. (I apologize if you don’t have a Whole Foods around you and I am giving all these Whole Foods recommendations but they should be all available online!). Conner likes the classic Chocolate Milk but they also have a Dark Chocolate which is delicious! These drinks are also perfect to pack for lunch if you need a protein boost to whatever you were able to pack for lunch! If I don’t want a hot soup (Power Provision) than grabbing one of these is my go to!

You can get 10% off with code ‘LUXEPHARMACIST’ when shopping through their website here!

I hope this post sparked some ideas on how you can get back on the healthy grind even while being super busy! Let me know what healthy products you are loving right now in the comments!



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