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Downloadable letter of intent (LOI) template that will take the guessing out of formatting and what content to include. The template ensures everything is aligned beautifully and walks you through what each paragraph should include! This purchase includes the LOI Template and separate LOI Tips Sheet where I spill all of my best advice and tips! *Please do not complete purchase from a cell phone, this may interfere with your download*

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If there is one thing that I think all applicants struggle with, whether it is a residency, fellowship or job application, letters of intent are it. I know I personally had about a million versions of each LOI I did for each residency program and it was no fun. BUT in the end with the help of my mom, who used to edit Dartmouth medical journals for a living, I ended up having what I think were great letters! I have compiled all of my best advice for writing your own LOIs within this template so that those of us without personal editors can have a great head start on this daunting task. This purchase includes the LOI Template itself and separate LOI Tips Sheet. The template includes advice on what to include in each paragraph and will ensure everything is aligned beautifully. The Tip Sheet offers even more advice on how to make your letter of intent as perfect as possible!

This template is in the form of a Word Document. If you prefer to use Google Docs, please email me at theluxepharmacist@gmail.com and I will send you a link to the Google Doc version within 24 hours. You may choose to upload the Word Document into Google Docs yourself if you choose but this is not recommended as unintentional changes can occur.

Make sure to view the attached LOI Tip Sheet for all my advice & tips for perfecting your LOI! If you encounter any issues with viewing your downloads, please email me at theluxepharmacist@gmail.com.

Thank you for your purchase and support!

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