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A lot of you have been asking about which glasses I have so I thought I would put a quick post together to give you all the details! My glasses are prescription from Warby Parker. The process was super simple, I ordered their free home try on box and ended up loving one of the pairs I tried on! All I had to do was upload my prescription strength, select the lens option and color I wanted and boom they were created just for me! glasses firstMy glasses are called “Percey” and I absolutely adore them. I think I literally wear them everyday and my eye sight is not that bad to require daily use. The color I selected is “Violet Magnolia with Shiny Gold Endcaps,” for those of you that see the blue in the frames don’t panic! My last pair of glasses actually had a similar frame color and you do not actually see the blue unless you are in extremely bright light and even then you might not notice unless you were examining them in your hands. I also opted for the blue light filtering lenses which are more expensive but between the pharmacy computer screens during work and my own laptop/phone doing residency work or blog things it was so worth it to me!

glasses in white coatglasses story

Below you will find the link to my glasses and the free home try on program!

My Exact Glasses

Free Home Try-On Program

Happy shopping!


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