No Make Up Skin Care Routine

Hi my loves! I am so excited for todays post! I know feeling confident in our own skin can be a challenge and I want to share with you how I have gotten comfortable wearing no make up to work. Not only are these tips great for allowing you to get more sleep and spend less time getting ready, but some of us don’t have the option to wear make up to work, especially in healthcare!

First thing is first, YOUR SKIN

When wearing no make up, taking care of your skin becomes even more important, there’s no concealer to hide dark circles or acne, you skin is your foundation. The most important thing to keeping your skin looking smooth and radiant is exfoliation. I find that when I gently exfoliate my skin daily it looks poreless, smooth and bright. For me I have never struggled with acne severely, I do get breakouts but if I am taking care of my skin and exfoliating daily my skin stays clear. If you are someone who needs extra acne help continue with whatever product works best for you! My hands down favorite exfoliator that I literally use every single day is Tatcha’s The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder. I have probably rebought this product at least six times already and it’s staying in my skincare arsenal for life. Nothing has ever kept my skin so radiant and flawless. I use this every morning followed by my next Tatcha favorite The Essence Plumping Skin Softener, to me this is like a toner/hydrating miracle all in one. It soaks into my skin and allows the products I use after to soak in more as well.

Next, I use a hydrating eye cream. I am currently using one from Tatcha but I have also used others before and liked them as well. I haven’t found an eye cream yet that really beats all others so you should try some out to see what you like best!

Now let’s talk serums. The first one I use is absolutely necessary if you are going the day without makeup! This serum calms your skin and combats redness/discoloration all day long and it is super hydrating as well! The Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Serum is another product that I cannot live without and continue to repurchase. I have seen such a change in my skin throughout the day when I wear this. It should be applied after a toner, so in my case after my Essence water. I also think it is important to use some kind of vitamin C serum and along with it an SPF. The vitamin C serum is great for brighting skin and giving a radiant appearance but it will also help with prevention of wrinkles! Vitamin C can sensitive your skin to the sun so it is important to use it alongside SPF, plus SPF is really always a necessity!

The last step in my daily skincare routine is another absolutely must if you are going without make up. The daily moisturizer I use is another Dr. Jart miracle that keeps my skin from getting red/discolored or irritated throughout the day. For this you have two options. They make a cream which I was using at first but I found to be a little thick for this time of year, I think this is more suited for the cold and dry winter! The newest product from their Cicapair line is the same amazing moisturizer but in gel form! The gel is so much lighter on my skin for the summer and still gives the same amazing benefits!


For me the number one piece of make up I always feel I need is my brow pencil. Eyebrows go such a long way in shaping/highlighting your face in a good way. My hair is naturally light and I knew I needed to come up with a solution, a solution that is that didn’t cost $600+ dollars like microblading. Well I kid you not Amazon to the rescue. I literally bought an eyebrow dying kit on Amazon for $17 that came with TWENTY applications. If this freaks you out don’t worry I was very scared to dye my eyebrows the first time. I actually did it the night I found out I failed the MPJE so I thought how much worse could life get (dramatic I know). Anyway, it was the best decision I have ever made. They look so good! My eyebrows literally look like I filled them in and all I have to do every morning is brush them out! For reference I got the color Light Brown. Here are some before and after pictures that will blow your mind. left eyebrowright eyebrow

I just follow the directions that come in the box but I will say a major tip is to put vaseline or aquaphor around your eyebrows so that you can messily apply the dye without getting it all over you skin!

I know this was a lot but I really want to highlight the main skincare products that I think you need in order to keep that make up free skin in check!

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 3.19.47 PM
#1 Rice Enzyme Polish
Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 2.27.31 PM
#2 Tiger Grass Gel
Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 2.28.00 PM
#3 Tiger Grass Serum

ALSO, do not forget each and every one of you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are. Wear your natural skin confidently and let your inner beauty shine through!



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