Sephora Spring Sale 2021

Hi loves! Happy Sephora springs savings event! Who doesn’t love saving money on their favorite beauty products?! I always stock up on all my essentials and I love trying new products at a discounted price. Below are all my picks for the sale, I have my eyes set on sunny summer days and glowing skin! The products in each category are easily stoppable, simply click on the product you want in the scrolling gallery and you’ll be brought to that product at Sephora!

No Make Up Skin Care Essentials

These products I use on a daily basis to keep my skin even toned and bright without that yucky feeling of wearing make up under my mask at work. The under-eye brighter is hands down the best thing I’ve ever found for my genetic dark under-eye circles and frequent lack of sleep.


Tatcha Obsessions

In case you are new around here, let me introduce you to my FAVORITE skincare brand ever. Tatcha makes up at least 90% of my skincare routine and I always stock up during sale time because it’s not so cheap but it is so so worth it. Tatcha keeps my pores tiny, skin bright and so hydrated, plus all their products contain and anti-aging mix and who doesn’t want that!



Turning 26 was kind of a skincare wake up call for me, I have always had a good skincare routine but the one thing I have never consistently committed to enough is SPF on a daily basis which in the long run makes the biggest difference not only for anti-aging but also for preventing skin cancer. My grandfather was an avid golfer and passed away from skincare originating on his nose a couple years ago so SPF is something I now use every single day and advocate for passionately.

My daily go to is SPF 30-35 but if I am going to be outside a lot I bump up to SPF 50!


Make Up

I gathered all my favorite make up products here! I’ve learned over the years that the two things that really make my skin look vibrant and healthy are 1. a great blush and 2. a great highlighter, both of my favorites are linked for you to fall in love with too.


No One Likes Chapped Lips

I’ve been using this lip mask nightly and recently fell in love with these lip glosses! They are so hydrating and make your lips look great!

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Rouge – 4/9 to 4/19

VIB – 4/13 to 4/19

Insider – 4/15 to 4/19


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