BCPS 101 with Dr. Anthony Busti

Welcome back to The Luxe Pharmacist Podcast! Your host Madeline Acquilano has finished her residency and is now embarking on her journey of preparing for the Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist exam. With the help of her special guest, Dr. Anthony Busti founder and CEO of High Yield Med Reviews, they discuss pharmacy board exams from why should pharmacists take them and what being board certified can do for your career all the way to how to best prepare to take these exams. Madeline and Dr. Busti also discuss why these exams have such an emphasis on biostatistics and evidence based medicine and how this translates into our everyday clinical practice.

To learn more about Anthony Busti MD, PharmD, MSc, FAHA and his unique background or High Yield Med Review pharmacy board exam preparation packages head over to www.highyieldmedreviews.com. Listeners of The Luxe Pharmacist Podcast are eligible to receive $50 off any preparation course from High Yield Med Review, simply email customerservice@highyieldmedreviews.com and mention The Luxe Pharmacist!


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