Preceptor Gift Guide

Notebooks, To-Do Lists or Planners

Planners, notebooks, notepads, to-do lists and really anything stationary is bound to make an incredible gift for anyone in pharmacy! I use these planners and notepads myself and I gifted a to-do list and spiral bound notebook to my RPD on my last day. One had her name, degree and certifications and the other said “The Best RPD Ever’s To-Do List,” and I’m happy to report she loved and appreciated them so much. So not only are these things likely to be used all the time and would make a super practical gift but they are also so customizable for any message!

Pharmacy Mugs

I think this category speaks for itself because who doesn’t love coffee and a cute coffee mug?! If you’re answer to that is “me” than I am not sure we can be friends…unless you love tea and fun mugs which I can dig too. I am been gifted pharmacy mugs from students and friends and have even bought myself some because again who doesn’t love them!? These make a great gift for pharmacy or other medical professional friends or a fun preceptor/boss!

Badge Reels

Badge reels are a super fun and inexpensive way to say thank you and spice up someones whiteout wardrobe! For example one of my transplant friends has a kidney badge reel and loves it! Does your preceptor work in the neuro ICU? Get them a cute little brain badge reel! Does someone love cardiology? Get them a little anatomy heart badge reel! Coffee lover? SO many cute coffee badge reels. ID nerd? Hello cute little germ or COVID looking badge reels. Literally the possibilities are endless, whatever badge reel you’re thinking of I am positive it’s available somewhere on etsy!

Ties, Bow Ties

These ties are one of my favorite gifts I have ever given! My ED preceptor literally had the nickname of “bow-tie ___” because he always wore bow ties at work and had since pharmacy school! I got him the navy blue medical supplies bow-tie and he loved it! They have so many fun pharmacy/medical themed ties and bow ties for the tie loving preceptors or bosses in your life and I think they make the perfect gift.

Compression socks

Compression socks are a great gift for anyone who wears scrubs frequently or spends all day on their feet! I myself have my own little collection going and wear them every second I get because they keep my legs feeling energized when I am running around the ICU/ED all day. I recently gifted a pair to my ICU preceptor who is frequently in scrubs and loves fun socks and he loved them! As you guys know, I love FIGS, and in my opinion they make the best quality and cutest designs for compression socks! You can shop FIGS compression socks for women HERE and men HERE, don’t forget to use code “LUXExFIGS” for 15% off your order!

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