My All Natural Secret Weapon

Okay you guys I have truly found my all natural secret weapon! I have been in love with the idea of using natural, non-aluminum based, deodorant for years now. I have tried a bunch of different brands and within a couple days I was always right back to using my regular aluminum deodorant because the natural ones just did NOT work, or so I thought. 

Switching to a more all natural lifestyle is something I have talked about a lot and I love sharing the true game changers that I find with you all because I know you will love them too. native.JPGA month ago, I gave into trying another all natural, aluminum free deodorant, and WOW is all that I can say. I have been dying to post about this product, but I wanted to really test it out before I gave my opinion. I am so impressed with Native deodorant! Hands down not only is this the best natural deodorant I have ever used but it even beats Dove and Secret for me, strong statement I know but so true. I haven’t even for a second considered going back to my old deodorant, that is how great Native is. Let me give you all the juicy details about why I love this product!

Obviously number one, this deodorant contains all natural ingredients and is non-aluminum based!

It is effective. It doesn’t matter how stressed I am, how hard I work out at the gym, if I wait to shower until the next morning, I always smell bomb (and trust me I am talking about legit smell tests, no shame, I had to be sure for you guys).

It smells amazing! I got the scent Lavender and Rose and it is so heavenly! I can’t wait to try other scents, they all have amazing reviews.

It comes off easily in the shower. I don’t know if this happens to other people, but I felt like when I used Dove or Secret, it just stuck to my arm pits like wax and wouldn’t come off. My skin always felt clogged up and no matter how harsh I scrubbed I couldn’t get it off. Native is so natural that I can feel my skin is moisturized but I can always tell that it washes right off and my skin never feels clogged up. 

Native is not just for women! They have a ton of mens scents as well. As soon as Conner’s supply of (yucky) deodorant runs out you better believe I will be buying him this as well!! 

I am so excited to announce that you can get 20% off your purchase (no minimum purchase required) with the code: 20_theluxepharmacist 

I suggest getting a sample pack so that you can fall in love with multiple scents, plus travel sizes are always so convenient! You can even create your own regular sized set and choose from all the scents they have to offer! 

If you purchase Native deodorant be sure to let me know what scent you got and what you think of it because I am dying to try more! Cheers to healthy and happy armpits!



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