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nespresso coffee cup smileTime for some coffee talk babes… does the sound of that make anyone else’s heart just sing?! I know my fellow coffee lovers out there totally understand what I am saying. Seriously though, I love coffee. It has gotten me through all of the craziness of pharmacy school, all of the late nights and early mornings, I owe coffee big time. My obsession isn’t purely based on caffeine content, luckily coffee is also delicious. Give me a cup of strong, dark, deliciously brewed coffee and I am in heaven. I have finally discovered the perfect coffee machine that is quick, convenient and gives me that cafe quality taste at home. What’s my secret? Nespresso! We have had our Nespresso machine for a little over a year and I still cannot rave about it enough!nespresso set up overviewNespresso has two main coffee machine lines. The newest is the VertuoLine, which makes both coffee and espresso and they have the OriginalLine which only makes espresso. We opted for the VertuoLine to have the best of both worlds and its amazing. Nespresso offers such an extensive variety of coffee and espresso that literally anyone can find something that they absolutely love. As for me, you guys know I love the bold flavors but I do occasionally want something lighter and sweeter. My go to Nespresso pods are:

14 ounce XL coffee

  • Alto XL Intenso (Intensity 7)

8 ounce coffee

  • Intenso (Intensity 9)
  • Odacio (Intensity 7)
  • Melozio (Intensity 6)
  • Caramelizio (Intensity 6) for those sweet tooth moments


  • Diavolitto (Intensity 11)
  • Altissimo (Intensity 9)
  • Double Espresso Scuro (Intensity 8) *BRAND NEW* I am probably too excited about these!

Nespresso has limited edition lines that come out seasonally, which are so fun to try too (so far we have liked them all)! The pods come in sleeves of 10 and they are not that much more expensive than other single brew coffee options, like Keurig, which do not offer the same quality. Espresso pods are 85 cents and the XL coffee pods are $1.2 (not bad at all!).

nespresso set up front
Odacio, Melozio, Diavolitto, Limited Edition Espresso

nespresso shot front viewnespresso shot overviewWe also purchased the Nespresso Aeroccino4 (Milk Frother) that makes cold or hot lattes and cappuccinos. I might not be able to get those pretty designs in the foam, but they taste just as good as they would in a cafe. Plus, I don’t have to leave home or pay $5 for one drink. I will even heat up water for tea in the milk frother or make matcha lattes directly in it. This handy little machine is so easy to use and offers even more variety, making it the perfect accessory to pair with your Nespresso machine. nespresso pour shotnespresso pour shot donenespresso frother

Here are the exact products we have for reference:

Also I just want to mention that every time we buy more sleeves we are offered recycling bags! Nespresso recycles their empty pods. You can either bring them to a drop off location in their stores or send them via UPS free of charge. Yay for a sustainable green company! Also Nespresso is currently offering 25% off all machines (no code needed) so it is the perfect time to give this amazing coffee a try! From one coffee lover to another I highly recommend it.nespresso cheersCHEERS!



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  1. I’m sooooo late to the press and go deluxe coffee machines, but my work colleague brought us his old Keurig to enjoy at work and it’s changed my (afternoon at 2pm workday) life! Haha!

    The Nespresso doesn’t look too pricey either; pretty much a week of Starbucks and it pays for itself. This was a great post! Your pictures are absolutely lovely! Loooove your coffee storage area. Very sleek and a great way to House the pods (we just stick ours in an old filing cabinet)!

    Dom |

    Posted 3.17.18 Reply
    • Thank you so much!! I used to use Keurig as well but I found that the coffee quality wasn’t as good and my machines always broke! I haven’t had a single problem with any of my Nespresso products and their customer service is off the charts so I dont have to worry if anything ever does happen. Highly recommend you check it out girl!

      Posted 3.19.18 Reply
  2. Ken Sternfeld wrote:

    I listened to Madeline on the Pharmacy Podcast Network Future Leaders Show and the interview was A…Mazing !! This is a ‘must listen’ for every student of pharmacy as the story resonates for me,
    and I haven’t been in pharmacy school for over 40 years. Our profession is in good hands with the next generation of PharmDs like Madeline and Joanne, the host of the Future Leaders show.

    Nice to meet you Madeline, Luxe Pharmacist

    Best Regards,
    Ken Sternfeld, Concierge Pharmacist
    RXVIP Cares, LTD / RXVIP Concierge

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply


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