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I recently discovered Dr. Jart+ products and absolutely love this brand so far. They deliver high quality skin care, without being formulated with parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Part of my resolutions for this year are to focus on using more natural products, which goes for my skin care as well, so finding products that really work and aren’t formulated with all of that junk is great. So far, I have tried the following products:both productsDR. JART+ Ceramidin™ Cream – This cream is my dry skin’s best friend. I have been using this every morning and evening (though I am currently searching for a heavier overnight cream). It has a nice, subtle rose smell that I adore. The cream glides on my skin so smoothly and leaves it feeling super moisturized, without being greasy. It creates such a smooth surface for make up application as well. This cream is formulated with time-release moisture for up to 26 hours, so it keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day long, even in this cold dry winter air. Plus, it comes in this cute tube that totally makes it look like a prescription product. Not sure if that is just the pharmacy nerd in me, but I think it’s pretty cool!

DR. JART+ Cicapair ™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 – When school is as busy as it is often times, I don’t want to put on make up to run to my morning class. That being said, I don’t want to walk around looking like a hot mess who just rolled out of bed. I have fairly clear skin, minus a few stress break outs here and there, and some genetic dark under eye circles. My skin generally doesn’t require foundation for me to look and feel put together, but the biggest issue I deal with is redness. Especially in the winter months when I am pale, my skin gets red so easily. This cream has been a lifesaver so far! On days I am not wearing make up (you can also use this under make up if you want), I use this to keep my skin tone even throughout the day. It also has SPF in it, which is so important to incorporate into your daily skin care routine. The cream goes on green and transforms to beige to correct redness. Since my skin is so dry in the winter, I do apply a little moisturizer before, but if your skin isn’t as dry you can probably use without it. I have been reaching for this stuff so often ever since I bought it. It makes my skin look so great!jar 1

plain face straight
lotion face straight
plain face side
lotion face side

No more redness, no more acne scars, just bright and glowly skin… Amen to that!

DR. JART+ Ceramidin™ Skin-Friendly Nanoskin Sheet Mask – This mask is a winter must have. I am so glad I decided to try this out on a whim, I got drawn in by the cute pills on the packaging (nerd alert again seriously). As soon as you take it out of the package, you can see how creamy it is. It says to leave on for 10-20 minutes and then to pat the remaining serum into your skin. I had a lot left over on my skin, either because when I used it my skin was super dry or because I left it on for closer to 10 minutes, not 20. I did wipe some off, but the rest I massaged in. My skin felt so plumped, hydrated and glowy afterwards! masksI also purchased the DR. JART+ Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution™ which helps to clear blemishes and reduce uneven skin tone and acne scars. As well as the DR. JART+ Dermask Spot Jet Laugh Line Lift™ to plump my skin and keep those smile lines at bay.


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    Thank you for sharing your positive experiences and this product line. As an Electrologist an Allied Health provider for permanent hair removal, I understand the need to unleash your potential, and reveal the full extent of your natural beauty. “When you look your best you get the best out of life” Rose Thrall, CPE-LLC

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