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Happy National Nutrition Month! If you know anything about The Luxe Pharmacist, than you know I am all about a healthy lifestyle and fueling your body with the nutritional food it deserves! I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing some of my new favorite items that are healthy AND delicious!

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In honor of National Nutrition Month, I want to start by talking about this incredible nonprofit organization that has truly touched my heart. Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK)brings together educators and families to create healthier schools and communities for children through grant funding and programmatic support, online resources and a parent ambassador network.

According to a national survey by AFHK, 76% of parents say they have improved their own habits based on something their child told them about health and well-being, which makes this so important for me because I believe all of my patients and their families should be empowered to live a healthy life.

Commit to Take Action for Healthy Kids at by March 31, 2020 and be entered to win a healthy taste test kit to host a fun and tasty nutrition education activity for students at your child’s school. (valued at $175) Just look at these sweet faces who have gotten a taste test at their schools! (Photos from Action for Healthy Kids)

Okay now onto the really delicious stuff, keep scrolling to learn about some new healthy food items I am obsessed with!

Dessert Hummus from Tribe Hummus

All Tribe Dessert Hummus flavors have only 5g of sugar per serving and no artificial preservatives. They are a better for you dessert snack you can enjoy any time of day. They are free from all major all allergens including dairy. Non-GMO Project verified, Vegan, Gluten Free, kosher.

These come in a bunch of incredible flavors including:

  • Dark Chocolate Hummus
  • Sea Salt Caramel Hummus
  • Cake Batter Hummus
  • Pea No-Nut Butter Hummus
  • Vanilla Bean Hummus

But varieties will vary based on location, thankfully they have a super helpful hummus finder on their site so you can find where your favorite flavor is in stock!


I tried the Dark Chocolate Hummus and the Vanilla Bean Hummus and both were SO good. I felt like I was eating chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements or something, except that it was so much healthier! The Vanilla Bean and bananas tasted like some dreamy vanilla wafer situation, ugh so good. I didn’t think dessert hummus was this good but now I am a true believer and will be repurchasing over and over again!


These snack bars have been a HUGE hit since they arrived and by that I mean my “mother-in-law” ate almost all of them before I could try any (LOL). But hey she has good taste so you know these bars must be yummy! Thankfully I have gotten to try most of these flavors and I 100% agree these snack bars are GOOD.

They are keto friendly meaning that they are low carb and low sugar while containing a good amount of fat to keep you full and satisfied! To break it down they each have 3 grams net carbs, 2 grams of sugar, 13 grams of fat and only 160 calories total. Most keto friendly snack bars have way more calories and I find them hard to add into my diet as a “snack” but these are the best of both worlds.

They have a bunch of yummy flavors including

  • Cocoa Coconut
  • Vanilla Almond
  • Raspberry Lemon
  • Cinnamon Pecan
  • Double Chocolate
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Blueberry Cashew

I have been putting one of these soft-baked GOODTO GO bars are made with only the best ingredients and are organic, vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, kosher and Non-GMO certified. Good for you and good for the planet because the company is a proud member of the 1% for planet, which if you know me, you know I LOVE supporting green companies.


Power Dressings from Healthy Choice

I LOVE salads! I am a huge fan of creating decadent flavorful salads but I always want to keep them healthy so I have to be careful about the ingredients I choose. I am someone who goes all out with the different flavors and textures a salad can have including adding seeds, nuts, different cheeses, fruits, etc. You can see how this could get easily out of hand calories wise. Which is why for a while I have been using a fat-free dressing but I  have been missing that creamy taste of traditional dressing.

I can’t thank Healthy Choice enough because these incredible dressings taste so creamy while having only 1.5g of fat per serving, crazy! At 45 calories or less per serving and containing no artificial flavors this is a healthy dressing that anyone can get behind!

Check out their site online to find all their incredible flavors including

  • Creamy Ranch
  • Creamy Italian
  • Garden French
  • Greener Goddess



One thing that you guys may not know about me is that I am in love with beets! However if you work in the ICU at my hospital you probably do know this because I ate a whole container full at my desk last week, but really I did! I typically eat my beets in salads because I don’t have a juicer at my house but whenever I got to a cafe or place that has fresh juices I ALWAYS go for one with beets in it! I was so happy to try this Beetology Beet and Tropical Fruit juice because it is like being able to have a cafe in your kitchen. The juice is 100% organic cold pressed with no preservatives or nasty stuff we don’t want and the taste did not disappoint.

shipt logo horiz Green and Plum RGB

From my experience living in Boston throughout pharmacy school, I am all too familiar with grocery delivery services. However I never really got into them because I always felt like they were so expensive. That is unless you have an incredible company like Shipt! Shipt works based on an annual membership price, NOT a fee per delivery. Unfortunately now that I live in the rural farming area of Connecticut Shipt is not available to me but they are in my dads town in New Hampshire so chances are they are around you as well! Shipt is also now owned by Target which means hello FREE TARGET DELIVERY! Literally what could be better?

Shipt can delivery all the groceries and household goods you would normally go shop for and save busy people like you a ton of time! If they were available in my area I would sign up in a heartbeat which is why I am so excited to announce that you can get $50 off the annual membership (normally $99)!

Get $50 off an annual Shipt membership using this link:

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