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Happy holidays! Things around here have been absolutely crazy. Between my pharmacy work trip (ASHP Midyear), my birthday, the holidays, and everything residency of course, I am just getting around to writing my lash extension post!

First, What are Lash Extensions?

Unlike false lashes, which are a strip of lash extensions that are glued to your eyelid, lash extensions are individual extensions that are glued to each individual natural lash you have. This allows for a full false lash look without daily application. They do not damage your natural lashes, they extension will fall off with your natural lash when it sheds (just like hair shedding from your head).

I have to say I have been wanting to try lash extensions for a while now and I kept putting it off but wow they make such a difference. I am so happy that I got them right before my conference and birthday because it made getting ready a breeze and I still could enjoy the bold glam look. I got my lashes done by Smitten Kitten Beauty out of Cheshire CT and I couldn’t recommend her more! She walks you through the entire application process and what to do/expect for after care. The application process takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, but this depends on how bold you want them and if you are going to laugh and chit chat like we did. She recommends getting fills every 2-3 weeks but she will walk you through all the details at your appointment.

I asked for bold/glam lashes with a natural cat eye shape.post lashes main

before lashes
post lashes copy

After care is super easy! All you need is some gentle oil free wash (Kat recommends a lash specific one but you can use something you already have), cute little lash combs she gives you and my biggest tip would be a concealer brush! I haven’t used a concealer brush, well since I bought it really, but I am so glad that I packed it for Vegas because it was a game changer. The concealer brush will allow you to apply make up right up to the lash line without getting make up directly on your lashes which helps them stay clean and intact!

Kat can be found on her Facebook page and Instagram, and you can book an appointment with her here!

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